Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tutorial #2: How to make The Joker Effect on Photoshop

HELLO NOOBS! WELCOME BACK AGAIN FOR ANOTHER TUTORIAL! Our tutorial now is How to make The Joker look using Photoshop.

Okay, what driven me in to this effect is because I want to play/portray The Joker especially the Heath Ledger Joker which the best Joker Psycho I've ever seen, except for Mark Hamill's Joker which is the best Joker of all time. But I find it is a waste of money to buy a costume, props, make up just to like him and take a picture and upload it.

So since Photoshop is on my side, I've searched on how to make a Joker look. I found a tutorial for about a year ago, and I can't barely remember the website and I can't find it anymore. So here I am, I will show how they/I make The Joker look.

Now! Let us start the tutorial!

What are the needs:
1.) Photoshop (no matter what version. I am using CS5)
2.) A Photo (whether crappy or not)
3.) Patience
4.) Will and Determination
5.) Own Imagination

First, open Photoshop. Obviously we need to open PS. .  I am using Photoshop CS5

Then Import the image you want, and thou shall not forget to duplicate the image so we wont mess with the original.

Then make a new Layer (CTRLSHIFT+N) and name it "White". Now the Brush (B) tool and choose a size the suits you and set the Hardness below 45 and brush the face with color white.

NOTE: Don't brush the eye/eyebrow and mouth area

Now set the "White" Layer's Blending mode into Soft Light.

Now Duplicate the "White" Layer (CTRL+J). And set the Blending Mode to Hue. Be sure to place it above the original "White" Layer.

NOTE: For you not get confused, organize the layers by creating a Group Folder (CTRL+G).
and drag the Layers in to the Group Folder.

Ex: (Creates Group Folder naming "Face" or "White" or whatever you want) Then drag the "White" and "White copy" Layers in to the "Face"/"White" Folder. 

Now create a New Layer (CTRLSHIFT+N) and name it Black or what ever you want. Now use the brush tool and brush the eye/eyebrow area with black and brush hardness 50 below. Now set its Blending Mode to Soft Light.

Now grab the Eraser Tool (E), and select an eraser which is kinda jagged and gently erase some parts of the bottom by just clicking.

NOTE: Don't erase it by click and drag. Just click some parts of the bottom to achieve this look below.

Duplicate the Original "Black" layer and erase the top part of it and leave the bottom part. Look at the image below.

NOTE: It's not necessary to hide the original "Black" layer. I only did this so I can see the duplicated layer and to see if I erased it well.

Now copy the original "Black" layer twice and set the Blending Mode of the two into Hue.

NOTE: The image below is the chronology of the "Black" Layers

4.)Original Black Layer Copy - Hue
3.)Original Black Layer Copy - Hue
2.)Black Layer bottom part - Soft Light
1.)Original Black Layer - Soft Light

NOTE: Create another Group Folder for the black layers to avoid confusion.

Now for the mouth area. 

Create a New Layer (CTRLSHIFT+N) name it "red1" and select the brush tool and brush the mouth area with the color #983939 and brush hardness 50 below.

Now do the same like above and brush it with the color #767171 and brush hardness 50 below.

Do the same thing again with color #200606 and brush hardness 50 below.

And now set the Blending Mode of the three layers to Overlay.

WHAT THE! The Lips are not visible!
Don't worry let's fix that.

Grab the Eraser (E), make sure it's round and hardness is 30 below. And now erase the middle part just so we can see the lips.

Now grab the Smudge Tool and smudge the edges in to the Lips, but don't cover the lips.

Now set the Opacity between 50 and 45.

NOTE: Create another Group Folder for the mouth area.

Now for the Hair.

Select the Duplicated Layer of the Original Layer of the image or what we call "Background", and activate the Quick Mask Mode by pressing (Q) or clicking that tiny circle below the Foreground and Background colors. 

Once you're in the Quick Mask Mode, select the Brush Tool (B), and brush out the Hair. Make sure your brush is not really hard.

After brushing the Hair, press (Q) again to exit Quick Mask Mode and then Right Click>Select Inverse.
After that, Open Hue and Saturation Menu (CTRL+U).

Check the "Colorize" box, and play with the sliders to achieve a green hair.
It depends on you what color you like. I kinda like this "not really dark-ish green".
After that press Enter.

Congratulations! You're done! You can now brag it to your friends.
Or you could just add scars to make it look like the Heath Ledger Joker.


Import this Image to your Photoshop

Use the Pen Tool and Trace the Crack Area only.

After that, place it on the edge of your mouth and to your cheeks and set the Blending Mode to Soft Light and the Fill to 75%. Duplicate it for the other side.


You are now officially done! Add some effects to make it more cooler.

 Thank you for reading this tutorial. Stay tuned for more!

Be sure to post here your version of this so I can rate it. .

Goodbye NOOBS!


  1. Thanks for the Guide! really useful, although I hate your photo. Joker eating ice cream, dafuq?

  2. The person in the photo already looks like joker...lol :P ! Didnt like it! :\

  3. very nice post thanks for sharing.